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Our rituals

Do you remember the time when you could have a peachy skin complexion without even wearing any foundation? Fair enough, you may say that this happy time was not just yesterday, but today your complexion seems duller and more uneven and you don’t know what to do. Before giving in to panic, take action to save your beautiful looking skin!

Your beauty ritual

All our beauty tips to get a radiant and even complexion back

Our skin care solution image
Our skin care solution

In the morning

  1. Always remember to start the day by washing your face in order to remove the sebum and help eliminate the toxins produced during the night. Then, rinse your face with cold water: not only will it freshen up your skin tone but it will also stimulate your blood circulation and help revive your skin!

    Think about exfoliating your skin once or twice a week with a facial scrub to remove the dead skin cells, remove impurities and achieve silky skin.

  2. To achieve a radiant and luminous glow, choose RoC® PRO-RENOVE Anti-Ageing Unifying Fluid , a fluid powered by Vitamin C* – a key ingredient to achieve a bright complexion - and by Hexinol™, a patented technology resulting from of 7 years of research which acts directly at the heart of the cells and root causes** of your dull and uneven skin tone for visible results.

*Vitamin C derivative

**In vitro test

In the evening

  1. Never go to bed without thoroughly washing your face in order to remove the make-up from your skin as well as all the impurities your face has accumulated during the day.
  2. Your skin regenerates itself at night, so give it a helping hand!  The skin is indeed more permeable and microcirculation is increased: this makes it more receptive to skincare products. Use the RoC® PRO‐RENOVE Anti‐Ageing Unifying Cream : its nourishing texture is ideal for a night care and its formula is also enriched in Vitamin C and Hexinol™.
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Our lifestyle tips

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  • Protect yourself and take action against sun

    Beware of this ‘false friend!’ Despite its warm and friendly ways, the sun is actually one of the worst enemies of our youthfulness.

    Besides the risk of skin cancer, it also causes premature skin ageing and brown spots.

    So if you want to keep an even looking complexion, avoid over-exposing yourself to the sun and combat photo-ageing by protecting your face all year round with an appropriate sun protection factor of at least 30, not only during summertime but also on sunny days in autumn, winter, and spring.  

  • Consider eating more fruits and vegetables

    As they are rich sources of anti-oxidants, all fruits and vegetables are your friends.

    To achieve a “healthy glow”, choose those which are rich in carotenoids, recognisable thanks to their strong colours. Pumpkin, carrot, tomato, apricots and melon are all included.

    With them, no need to spend hours in the sun: eating them can promote the production of melanin, responsible for giving colour to the skin.

    Finally, don’t hold back from squeezing lemon into your vinaigrettes or into your soups. Rich in vitamin C and fruit acids, it is well known for purifying and clarifying the complexion. 

  • Hydrate yourself and expend energy!

    Drinking water and perspiring allows the body to expel accumulated toxins which cause, amongst other things, a dull complexion. Do not forget to hydrate yourself regularly and whenever you can, expend your energy: 30 minutes of activity per day is recommended to remain in good health, which is also great for the health of your skin!