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Thanks to its expertise, the RoC® Brand has developed a complete range of cleansers and make-up removers suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

  • Extra Comfort Cleansing Water
  • Perfection Toner Product Image
  • RoC® Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover
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Extra Comfort Cleansing Water

The RoC® Extra Comfort Cleansing Water provides a gentle and effective cleanse with optimal tolerance.

Perfecting Toner

The RoC® Perfecting Toner completes the make-up removal routine, unclogs pores whilst gently toning and refreshing the skin

Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover

The RoC® Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover removes traces of even stubborn, waterproof eye make-up, while respecting the sensitive eye area.

Energising Cleansing Mousse

The RoC® Energising Cleansing Mousse gently cleanses whilst providing the feeling of invigorated skin.

Soft Smoothing Scrub

Gentle facial cleansing: exfoliates, smoothes and cleanses the skin in one application.

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

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