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E-PULSE® technology, the result of many years of research, is an innovation by the RoC® Brand which is inspired by the science of bioelectricity.

Indeed, within living cells and in the tissues of all living organisms we can find electrical currents of low intensity. This is part of a natural process for the transmission of information, essential to the functioning of all the body’s cells, which is called bioelectricity. This mechanism allows our body to stimulate, operate and coordinate its vital functions. Thus, the nervous system or cardiac contractions, for example, are regulated by electric pulses.

Widely used in modern medicine (heart ECG, electrotherapy, regenerative medicine etc), bioelectricity can also control the skin repair systems. Professionals today use electro-stimulation, to improve the appearance of the skin, more particularly in certain anti-ageing treatments in the form of patches or portable electronic devices.

So, inspired by electro-stimulation, the RoC® Brand has created a real innovation in skincare: E-PULSE® technology. For the first time in a cream, this patented technology2 creates micro-stimulations that accelerate the skin’s repair systems3 and help to visibly rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.


E-PULSE® helps to visibly reduce dark circles, eye bags and puffy eyelids, as well as the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Mechanisms of Action¹: 
  • E-PULSE® technology creates micro-stimulations that accelerate skin’s natural repair process.3
  • It visibly improves the look of collagen and elastin stimulation.3

1At the RoC® Brand
2Patents issued in the United States
3In vitro test

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