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What is a wrinkle?

A wrinkle is a fold, a crack which appears on the skin from a certain age. This sign of ageing can be superficial or deep.
Wrinkles are different according to their position and the way in which they...

The origin of wrinkles

With age, cell renewal decreases, the skin gets thinner, dehydrates and loses its elasticity. Wrinkles therefore form particularly on the face because this one is permanently exposed, and then over th...

The steps to the formation of a wrinkle

Wrinkles appear little by little and betray the progression of a slow, complex and deep process. These phenomena take place in both the epidermis, the skin’s natural barrier and the dermis.
A loss...

Different types of facial wrinkles

There are different types of wrinkles, each formed in its own way. However, it is quite easy to find out about them all. Lion wrinkles, nasolabial fold, chest wrinkles are the names given to facial wr...

Why do wrinkles appear on the face?

Wrinkles affect the whole body, but facial wrinkles are especially pronounced and can be difficult to accept.
Pronounced wrinkles
Wrinkles are cracks in the skin induced by natural skin ageing. But t...

Learn all about fine lines

Fine lines are the first signs of skin ageing. These creases in the skin, less pronounced than wrinkles, distinguish themselves from the latter by the depth of their grooves.
The symbolic millimetre...

Learn all about expression wrinkles

Expression wrinkles form after the repeated use of the facial muscle. Until you reach a certain age, creases appear and disappear with facial expressions. For example, when one smiles, creases form...

Learn all about deep wrinkles

Deep wrinkles, feared by many women, are the manifestation of a change at the heart of the skin-muscle pairing.
The sagging of the skin
As time passes, the production of collagen and elastin which giv...

Learn all about eye wrinkles

These wrinkles are located around the eyes: they are not just those found at the corners of them.
The most numerous eye wrinkles are expression wrinkles, simply because we use the muscles situated und...

Learn all about the lion wrinkle

The lion wrinkle appears between the eyebrows. It also has another name, the “glabella wrinkle”.
To see it, just sit in front of a mirror and frown your eyebrows. A vertical crease will then appear...

Learn all about forehead wrinkles

Wrinkles which appear on the forehead are expression wrinkles. They occur between the eyebrows and horizontally below the hairline.
Caused by muscles
The eyebrows can stay in position thanks to two o...

Learn all about neck and chest wrinkles

Generally we give special attention to facial wrinkles, to the detriment of the neck and chest, even though they are also exposed to factors which accelerate skin ageing. As time goes by, these areas...

Learn all about mouth wrinkles, or circumoral wrinkles

Wrinkles which are situated around the mouth have many names:
- Sun lines;
- Smoker’s wrinkles;
- Bar codes, in a more flippant way.
They are positioned on the upper lip and lie vertically. As their...

Learn all about crow’s feet

Wrinkles called “crow’s feet” are expression wrinkles. They appear because of the repeated use of an adjacent muscle, which is called the orbicularis oculi. The orbicularis oculi forms an ellipsis a...

Learn all about nasolabial fold

Nasolabial folds, or nasogenian folds, are also called laugh lines. They come from the sides for the nose and join the corners of the mouth, in a diagonal direction. They mark the smile, hence the n...

Learn all about labiomental folds

Labiomental folds are located between the mouth and the chin.
They bear a close relation to nasolabial fold. These folds, which leave the sides of the nose to join the corners of the lips arise from...

The evolution of wrinkles

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to indicate an age that the first wrinkles will appear since that depends on each person’s genetic profile.
Certain people undergo a process of natural ageing...

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