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The RoC® Philosophy

Everybody knows the RoC® brand……
You may have already tried our skincare products or if you remember the RoC® logo on your mother’s face cream, you may well also remember that we’ve been engaged in cosmetic research for over 50 years. Our record of product innovations includes major breakthroughs like hypoallergenic products, Retinol and the first sunscreen. But for the last two years, we’ve been doing something different: we have gone further still, reinventing ourselves and reviewing our approach to anti-ageing skincare. Building on strengths. Acquiring new expertise. We have developed a unique, long term, holistic solution with cosmetic dermatology experts: high performance products but also daily management anti-ageing programs to truly give women the power to age beautifully.

New partnerships with today’s skin anti-ageing experts, your skin’s best allies

You trust your dermatologist and pharmacist for accurate, unbiased skincare information and advice. So do we. In fact, RoC® was founded by a pharmacist who worked closely with top dermatologists to develop safe and highly effective skin care products in the service of women’s beauty.

Today, we have developed our unique approach with the help of aesthetic dermatology experts who we believe to be today’s leading experts in anti-ageing. We regularly consult them regarding the development of our product formulations and of our daily lifestyle programs.

Skin care based on knowledge, not miracles

Our longstanding commitment to science, research and clinical study is stronger than ever. We take more time to develop and test our products thanks to a unique clinical study protocol. The result: products that really work because they work on the causes of ageing, not just on the superficial symptoms. In order to choose the perfect active ingredient to achieve a specific anti-ageing effect on the skin, our head scientists sometimes investigate more than 800 ingredients and conduct clinical tests on women for up to 12 months.

Holistic anti-ageing programs

It would be easy to believe in the miracle of eternal beauty… but to stay beautiful, though creams are essential, they cannot do everything! Skin experts have determined that lifestyle factors account for 50% of skin ageing. So our new, expanded approach to anti-ageing care includes external factors like the sun, nutrition, stress, sleep… Beyond beauty routines and skincare products, we’ve worked hard with our experts to create advanced diagnostics which take into account all the major factors of skin ageing in order to offer you the most personalised anti-ageing beauty ritual. Programs and personalised advice to help you take care of your skin and empower you to manage your own anti-ageing care day by day, the same way you manage your health and your job.

Ageing beautifully through years – that’s simply up to us, and to you, together.